Friday, January 18, 2019

Negative Impacts of Mobile Phones

Gone are the days when students went for Laptop screen repair. Today instead of laptop it is the Tablet repair that they require. The macbook repair in Darwin is quite an expensive affair for kids. So that students can keep up to date with studies they are given a phone but results seem to be contradicting. Here are the negative impacts of mobile phones.

Adverse impact on studies
Today it has become almost ludicrous to imagine life without cell phones. To have contact with friend’s children are given a cell phone with an intention that they also discuss studied over the phone and so that parents can contact them anytime. However, the effect of this seems to be contradicting t what one thinks. Not only is it distracting kids from education but at the same time also promoting indecent activities like access to adult sites. Apart from this in the name of studies students actually misuse their phones. Scores have witnessed a downward trend and all the credit can be given to distractions on the phone.

Adverse impact on sleep
From waking up in the morning by snoozing or switching off the alarm and checking the notifications to going asleep with alarms on, our life is revolving around the cell phones. It has not only increased dependency but at the same time it has resulted in development of negative habits like that of scrolling down the phone menu prior to finally going to sleep. This has a negative impact on the sleeping pattern of people irrespective of age group. People find it hard to either fall asleep in the absence of phone or waste most of the time on phone getting a sleep of less than 6 hours which is not enough. 
All in all, these are the negative impacts of mobile phones especially on children.

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